Simple Ways to Update Your Space

Feel a little bit boring to your current living environment? Need some fresh inspiration to enhance your decoration? Yeah, actually you do not need a major makeover in order for you to enjoy a brand new feeling for your home space. Let check out some practical and easy ways to update your home space now!

  1. Light up your space

Lighting brings significant impact to a space; it may totally change the feeling of a space when you lid them in the correct way. Lighting can also be a decorative statement pieces to your room. Among so many lighting options, pendant light, table lamp, floor lamp, track light as well as chandelier are good choices. Mix and match your lights with warm temperature light and cool temperature light to create balance visual effect for your room. Change your current lights or lamps with new one will be a good start for your room refurbishment.

  1. Add a Plant

Everyone loves green. Sometimes, plants can be a key design element on their own. For most of the interior designers, plants are important home accessories and decorative element. So, if you have an unused corner in your room or an empty space in your counter top, consider to bring in live plants to fill up the space. Those live plants not only adding greenery, they will also interact with your body and mind in the way of helping you to relax and release your stress.

  1. Add a Feature Wall

If you have an unused wall, you may create a feature wall by either adding elegant wallpaper, install a large mirror, or hang up colorful abstracts or photographs. A gallery wall that display photographs is a striking way to infuse warmth to a space. The principle for setting up a photos gallery wall is simple, what you need is just to place your favorite photos in frames of different shapes and sizes, then hang them in a mosaic arrangement.

  1. Rearrange Your Furniture

If possible, rearrange your furniture is one of the good move to makeover your space for new look. Remember, the right arrangement of furniture can make your room looks bigger and spacious. Therefore don’t scare to move around your furniture to find the correct arrange and position for them. Throughout the process, you will find out a lot of stuff that you are seldom in use or almost have forgotten of them in your room. Clear out though thing in order to make your space tidier and organize.

  1. Add or Replace Your Home Accessories

You may décor your room by adding some seasonal decoration. For example, if Christmas is coming, you may add few red, white, green colors throw pillows to your sofa and add few candles in your table. If spring arrives, you may bring out your white color pottery and replace your curtain with botanic pattern.