Kitchen Décor and Accessories

A complete kitchen refurbishment with brand new kitchen cabinets and finishes no doubt may create an instant difference to your kitchen overall appearance, but it isn’t always the most economical and practical choice. There are many kitchen decorations and accessories can makeover a kitchen at a rather inexpensive and affordable price. Sometimes, a small appliance, stylish kitchen accessories, linens, simple or artful decorations may express the owner’s dedicated style and personality.

  1. Spice and Herb Rack

How does a chef cooks without spice and herb on hand? How does a dish without spice and herb taste? Without a spice rack, those spices jars most of the times are being hid inside the drawer or cabinet. Therefore, a stylish spice and herb rack is necessary, it keeps the culinary essentials easily be accessed and organized. With a beautiful spice rack, those spices and herbs no longer need to be hid and can become an attractive decorative element in the kitchen. The spices may be placed in a spice rack and hung on wall or can also be placed in a spinning tabletop rack.

  1. Hanging Pot Rack

Among the kitchenware, pans and pots are the most space wasted pieces. Therefore, storage space is very important for most of the kitchen. Since the ancient British, pot racks that hang from the ceiling have been popular, and recently the popularity for this type of pot rack seem to be resurgence, this might due to the space constrain in most of the apartment and also due to the house owner use it as one of the kitchen decoration.

A hanging pot rack, neither in square, circle or oval shape may hold many pots and pans. The flat surface on top of the rack may use to keep some of the large sauce pan or small appliances as well. For a small kitchen that really does not have enough space for a ceiling type pot hanger, the house owner may opt for wall-mounted rack as replacement. The wall-mounted pot hanger definitely can hold lesser pots and pans compare to the ceiling type, but most of them can fit in the small kitchen.

  1. Basket and Bowls

Many house owners like to use fresh fruits and vegetables as decorations. Some of the kitchen storage accessories purposely designed to show them off. While some of the vegetables such as onion, garlic, ginger, potato, sweet potato etc. do no need to refrigerate, keep them in room temperature by storing them using a wire or mesh hanging basket.

Some fruits like banana do no need to be refrigerated at all time, while some of the fruits such as melon, mango, avocado etc. should be left on the counter to sweeten, they only need to be refrigerated after they’re cut (or if they are getting over-ripe). Therefore, put those fruits in a large bamboo basket or bowl to display them in your countertop while waiting them to ripe.

  1. Chalkboard

A vintage-inspired Chalkboard, either is stick on wall or free standing easel is a great add-ons to your kitchen décor. Use it to write out your daily or weekly menus, set a reminder or leave a massage to your loves one. You may also draw your own inspiration on the board. Your chalkboard could be so unique and it is a good path to show your personality and your talent in painting as well.

  1. Appliances

Many appliances contribute to kitchen style. From coffee maker, oven, boiler, toaster, blender to other kitchen appliances, the kitchen can be seriously styled when they are came in the same theme. Choose the appliances that using similar material or finishes for the overall uniformity. While most of the big appliances come in standard color such as black, white and silver, pick some uncommon colors such as red, yellow, green or blue for some the small appliances as highlight and create contrast to the overall kitchen appearance.