D.I.Y. Your Own Wall Quotes

There are a lot of methods to beautify a boring apartment, one of them is to make some changes to the existing dull wall. Except for adding wallpapers, photo frames or paintings to the wall, you may also consider to D.I.Y. your own wall quotes which may enhance the personal touch of your style.

Unlike other wall decoration, wall quotes make with contact paper reduce the risk of damaging the wall. For most of the wall decors, you’ll need to apply them with extra care in order to save your money for the rectification works if the project failed. To start this project, make sure you have the following items with you:-

Contact Paper + Pencil + Paper + Scissor + Measuring Tape + Printer

The ultimate advantage for contact paper is the contact paper can be easily removed and will not leave any permanent mark after you removing it. Contact paper now comes in many patterns and designs. They are great decorative items for your wall.

contact paper

Step One

Select the quote that you want. Use a computer program to print out the stencils for your letters with your desire font and size.

Step Two

Cut the letters out with scissor.

Step Three

Roll out the chosen contact paper with backside facing up, secure both end to prevent either one of them is rolling up during the process.

Step Four

Arrange your letters to the backside of the contact paper. Secure them with tape. Ensure those letters are arranged and oriented correctly.

Step Five

Trace the letters by using pencil.

Step Six

Then cut those letters out with scissor. Pay extra attention to the thin sections of the letter because they can be easily torn off. You may also cut the entire phase out first then only cut the individual letters. Do a final touch up to each letter before moving to the next step.

Step Seven

Do marking on the wall with your measuring tape and pencil before you sticking up your quotes. This is to ensure the letters do not run out of line during the process you placing them.

Step Eight

Peel off the backing of the letter from one of the edge. Remember not to peel the backing off in one short. If you completely remove the backing before sticking it to the wall, you will hardly to manage it in later part. Secure the letter to the wall. Check the position of the letter, if it is in the correct position then only you remove the remaining backing. Do it with extra cares as the thin part of the letter is very fragile.

Step Nine

Smooth the letter to the wall. Make sure they are sticking well.