Country Home Decor

When come to theme selection for your house, there are a lot of choices available depend on your preference and desire. Undeniable, country home decor is still one of the most popular decor themes today. Maybe due to this theme is able to create a fascinating atmosphere and promote friendly feeling to everyone who live in there as well as for those who visit there. The ability of country home decorating in creating a warm and sincere environment makes almost everyone simply fall in love with it.

Before kicking off any home decorating project, the house owner will need to decide which area they are intended to decor with the specified theme, for today’s topic, the country style home decorating theme of course. Some of the owners use this theme only in one or two rooms, for example living room and kitchen, while some of the owners use it for the entire living space. Due to this home style easily build up a natural and simplicity feel atmosphere, therefore many house owners tend to use it for the entire house.

Color for Country Home Decor
Color is important to create the country home style impact; it needs to be clean and bright in order to combine with country style furniture, fittings and accessories. Good color choices for country home decorating are light to medium shades of white, yellow, brown and green. Colors chosen should bring you the rustic feeling.  The overall concept shall be clean and natural.

Flooring for Country Home Decor
Country home decorating need to use wood, a lot of woods, natural wood definitely is the best. The use of wood helps to create rustic effect to the space.  Natural wood is a good choice for country floor, apart from its high installation cost, natural wood increase the country home feeling instantaneously compare to other flooring material. If you are looking for a more economy solution to give the floor country look, laminated flooring might be the option. However, if consider from the maintenance aspect, the use of flagstone or floor tiles will be better choice compare to wood or laminated flooring. Some of the creative house owners or decorators laid the floor tiles with their own unique patterns to jazz up the space and the final result for pattern floor tiling might not be defeated by the wood flooring. A light shade of carpet or a lovely area rug is an additional add-on to the country style flooring. A beautiful carpet or rug helps to produce warm and cozy feeling to the overall space.

Wall Decor
For wall decoration, stencils with country style character such as dried flowers, plants, artificial fruits or vegetables are good opt. Besides that, wallpaper with natural patterns also frequently in used. Mix and match with your preference, it is not a problem to use them in additional, as long as those element do not not clash each other.

Furniture for Country Home Style
When comes to selecting the furniture to compliment home decorating that reflect the beauty of nature, light wood, natural wood and  wicker are highly recommended. If house owner would like to use fabric for some of the furniture, fabric that consist of floral patterns or checkered pattern may help to enhance the authentic look to the furniture.

Accessories that fix the Country Home Decorating Theme
It is always interesting and fun in decorating a house with beautiful accessories. For country home decorating theme, decoration accessories such as photos in simple wooden frame, plants nor real or artificial, scented candles, retro cutlery and cookware play an important role. Lace or shutters enhance the cozy feel for this theme too. The main guideline to follow when doing home decoration is always not over-decorates the space. Too much patterns will make your space become complicated and messy.

Country home decorating should create a relaxing and cozy environment, meant to be simple but warm. Home sweet home.