Beach Home Decor


The Easiest Ways to Create Your Own Styling Beach Home

Spending lazy summer days in a relax beach home is a dream to many, don’t be frustrated if you are too far away from the coast or too busy to plan yourself a holiday, turn your existing house to your own relax and coastal inspired oasis beach home with only few steps. Feel the sea while it is far from you.


Change the color of your wall – As everyone know, colors that represent seaside the most are white and blue, especially white, white is the is key to the coastal palette. Select one or more walls in your house to repaint them with white and blue which represent the sky and water. It helps to promote the spirit of the sea in your house.

Color of your door, window and frame – Except wall, color of your door, window and its frame also plays a good job in promoting beach home feel effect. Mix and match the colors of your walls, doors, windows and its frames with white and blue, result is obvious and instant.

Color of your furniture – If repainting is too complicated for you, probably you may opt for changing the color of your furniture or home accessories such as sofa, dinning table, cabinet, bed sheet, pillow, side table, curtain etc. Use white color as basic color and blue color as the decorative color seem to be a good choice.

Decoration & Accessories

For a classic beach home decor, few nautical and seaside element are indispensable,  they play a essential role in anchoring and accentuating the vibe. Decorative paddles, oars, gravel, starfish, shells, sea grass, beach glass, driftwood or an old ship’s cleat are namely the key for beach home decorative element. There are may ways to mix and match your house’s decoration with those element. You may even D.I.Y. your own decor and accessories with those element to create your unique coastal style living atmosphere.

By hanging two or three decorative paddles and oars on your wall or arranging few random shells (or other ephemera) in your foyer entry, you will find that they are actually bring you an unexpected beach vibe. Starfish is also an excellent choice, decorate your photo frames with few starfish is the most easiest way to add style and design to your beach home.


Material that commonly be found in a coastal living interior are wood panel, weathered woods, crisp and clean fabrics, Berber carpet etc.

Wood panel that use as wall or ceiling finishes are usually painted in white, this is to create bright and clean effect to the space. Whereas the weathered wood furniture neither a dining table or cabinet bring the relax and vintage feel of summer vacation, a big wood dinning table promotes the ambiance for gathering with friends or family members.

Change your house curtain with clean and crisp fabric, not too completed pattern and preferable with light material. Let the curtain bring in more natural light and swaying in the wind to remind you an exotic holiday you spent in the beach.