5 Decoration Rules for First House Owner

Buying a first house is probably the most important and emotionally heavy investment for you right now. For that, to decorate your first house with your style, to suite your need, to keep it presentable for showcase has become very important. Here are 5 rules that assist you in decorating your first-house. Check it out.

  1. Everything Start From A Plan

Think and plan 1st before you purchase anything for your house. For a first-time home decorator, the first rule you need to follow is to “plan before you start”. You must first identify your style, your preferred, your requirement and your actual need for your house. Although you can always change your design, rework your set-up anytime or as many times as you’d like, but this will definitely waste your money and time if you change your mind too frequently.

Therefore, visualize how you intend your house to be is essential. Get idea from internet, magazines, designer’s store, sample house etc. Look for professional advice if necessary. You may also mix and match yourself to create your own personal style. But before starting any physical work, get a floor plan or your house and plan it. You’ll need to consider your furniture arrangement, number and position for your lighting and socket, color of your walls, feature wall, overall theme and so on.

  1. Infuse Your Personality

The 2nd rule of home décor is to add in your personal touch into your home design. There would be no place in this world will look exactly the same with your home. Your home should represent your style and reflect who you are. From furniture to décor pieces, from fixtures to accessories, chose wisely and don’t go off of your theme. Give a personal touch to your home. Not too emotional when buying stuff, only look for what you really like instead of what you think other people will like. In addition, you may also draw your own artwork in the wall or handmade some decoration to enhance the personal touch to your home.

  1. Make Your Home Relax and Warm

3rd rule for the first-home owner is to remember your home is a place for you to relax and refresh. Don’t over adorn your home with expensive decoration and make your home look like a grant lobby or conference room, this will makes you feel more stress and nervous. Your furniture arrangement and decoration should be casual but tidy, always remember the homey touch.

  1. Remember the Maintenance

At all time, do not forget the 4th rule which is maintenance. Many house buyers tend to forget or neglect for this important rule. Before buying anything or install any fixture, you need to consider their cost, design, practicality, as well as their durability. Of course, if you wish your dollar and cent spent worth for their value, durability is the key. Forget about any fixture or stuff that you are unable to carry out routine maintenance unless you plan to dispose them directly after some times.

  1. Continuality and Isn’t One-Off

Last but not least, the 5th rule neither for home décor nor for a first-time or multiple-time home buyers is continuality. Home décor is a never ending process. You need to take care of your home for life right after you purchased it. Keep your home update from time to time. You may add in few seasonal decorations during festival celebration. Or you may on and off rearrange your home furniture, rearranging your room can help to freshen up your space. Furthermore, put extra attention to any interesting design, trendy decorative items, new furniture, curtain etc. This is to keep your house refresh, bring in new inspiration and let you enjoy every moment you stay at your house.