Home Decoration

Finding difficulty in decorating your house? It shouldn’t be a nightmare to turn a house into a warm and beautiful home. With a little bit more effort and creativity on the detail, you will find that decoration your home is fun and is a never ending project that you will enjoy it for your lifetime.

Home decoration is an art, although to successfully handle it is not as easy as blinking of eyes, but with so many resources available from today internet, magazines, books or even youtube etc., it is really help to get you plenty of ideas for home decorating. Interior Designer might able to advise you on the current latest design trend, providing you some ideas on the selection of color, material, furniture arrangement etc. but the ultimate decision must be come from you because you and your family members are the persons who is going to live in that house, not the designer. You will need to decide your preferred from the overall concept for your home such as Modern Concept, Country Style Concept, Balinese Concept etc. until the very narrow specification such as the color of your curtain, pattern of your rug, type of your indoor plant etc.

There are many ways to create a special atmosphere that you are desired to when you decorating your home or a particular space. The space arrangement, lighting, color, and decorating items play their important role, they need to be matching each others in order to make your space looks balance, personal and fabulous. Before starting your home decoration project, you will first need to imagine the outcome that you desire the space to be, then stay focus on the decision, avoid changing of mind in half way working as this will turns your final project nondescript.

Consider the below element before starting your home decor project:-

Space Functionality
Identify the functionality of every space before you purchase any of your furniture, fixtures and decoration. This is important because every dollar and cent you spent should worth of the value, identify the usage of space clearly in order you are not making wrong decision. Bear mind an oven should never be appeared in your bathroom; an oil painted paint should away from the hot source such as kitchen hob or window that facing the sunlight directly, every decor item has the place that most suitable for it, choose the most relevant, unique and representative item for every of your house’s corner.

Overall Feeling for the Space
Decide the overall feeling that you want for your room or space. Neither you want the space to be bright, warm, colorful, plain, passive or active, you need to decide before you take action to paint your wall or buying any furniture for the space.

Colors and Highlight
To create a harmony and eyes balance environment, the colors used in a room is ideally  not more than 3 colors. Too many colors in a room will easily cause your eyes confuse and a person who stay inside the room for long time will easily get moody and tired. After deciding the main color for the room, try to blend in the other 2 supporting colors to create the contrast. Most of the designer will use the common colors guide 60-30-10 when choosing the color for the space. Simple color guide as below:-

60% of a dominant color
30% of a secondary color
10% of an accent color

Translate the above to a room setting, means:-
60% of the room’s color is the walls
30% of the room’s color is the upholstery
10% of the room’s color is, say, an accent piece, wall pictures or a floral arrangement

Decorating your home could be so fun and excited, you may now start to follow some of the ideals and guideline that I share in this website to decorate your home. Trust me, you will find that your home has become more and more lovely and stylish in one day.